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ADVPRO Personalized Tabletop LED Neon Sign Lamp

ADVPRO Personalized Tabletop LED Neon Sign Lamp is a new addition to our most popular LED neon family. Simply sit one on your table to Create a MAGICAL AMBIENCE to your space.


  • Personalzed design with your own NAME. Make it a unique table lamp sign, just for you or your loved ones
  • 3D CRAVE. Distinct 3D texture craved on high quality acrylic plates, perfectly illuminated with LED lights to create a GROW of LED NEON LIGHT, instantly uplift and brighten the atmosphere
  • SOLID WOOD BASE included as perfect stand. Zero Installation is required
  • AFFORDABLE & DURABLE. 50-70% cheaper than Gas-fill tube neon light. Long lifespan of 50,000 hrs
  • SAFE to touch with Low heat emission. Use of a low 3 Watt input. No noxious gas & mercury, no periodic refill needed

  • Perfect for Decor at HOME - living room/ game room/ home bar/ bedroom/ kitchen/ patio/ garage; for BUSINESS - office/ shop/ caf‚/ bar/ pub; and for special EVENT and CELEBRATION - seminar/ business summit/ party/ wedding/ anniversary/ engagement/ new-born/ housewarming.


  • Size: 6.6" (16.7 cm) tall acrylic light sign, with a solid natural wood base of 1.5" x 6" (4 cm x 15 cm)
  • Color: 7 color in one (white, yellow, green, sky blue, blue, and purple). With adjustable full range of brightness, and 3 additional preset color-switching modes
  • Connection: 4.6 ft. (1.4 m) USB power cable with control