1. Q: My sign doesn’t light up, what should I do?

A: Please check if all wires are well connected, they might be loosened during transportation. If it still doesn’t light up, please do reach out to us.


2. Q: How can I cancel or change my order?

A: Please contact us quoting your order number. If you want to change the order, please provide the sku# (or the url of the item) you want to change to so that we can follow up*.


3. Q: I have contacted your team a few days ago but there is no response.

A: Generally, our team responds to all inquiries within 24 hours on working days. You might like to check the junk box of your email to be sure if the email reaches out to you.


4. Q: Can I clean the acrylic sign plate?

A: You can clean the acrylic part of your sign.  Lighter fluid is recommended if necessary.


5. Q: I cannot trace the item with the tracking number received from you.

A: Please contact us with your order number so we can follow up.


6. Q: The shipment is longer than the promised delivery time frame.

A: Please contact us with your order number so we will follow up.


7. Q: My sign is broken on arrival, what should I do?

A: Please contact us and provide the following information.

  • Your order number
  • Photo of the broken product
  • Please indicate if you would like a replacement OR refund


8. Q: I have put wrong shipping address on checkout, what can I do?

A: There are 2 scenarios:

a. If the item is not shipped yet,

Please provide the correct shipping address in full and we will update accordingly.

b. If the item is with the shipping company,

Please contact the shipping company to redirect the package, or arrange a pick-up at the shipping address you’ve entered on checkout. Please note that the shipping address cannot be changed by our side once it has been shipped.


9. Q: I have put wrong information on my custom-made order, what can I do?

A: Please provide the following information for our follow up*:

  1. Your order number
  2. The information to be changed from and to


*Please note that change is possible only if the order is not yet in production, nor in delivery.

Please feel free to contact us if the above does not address your questions, we are happy to help.

We hope you enjoy shopping with ADVPRO